About Us

Hi and welcome to Precious Sentiments.

Hand crafted jewellery at Precious Sentiments              

I’m Prabha Shiyani and ever since I was a child I have loved all things arts and crafts and I have been blessed with an uncanny knack of being able to turn my hand to any crafts that take my fancy. I love handmade and for years have been making gifts for friends and family, and for years they have kept telling me ‘you should sell your creations’ so finally I decided that I would ‘go public’.

I take great pleasure in making everything on this site and I believe the uniqueness of handcrafted gifts add that extra special twist to any gift. I source the finest materials I can and all products that say they have genuine gem stones are the real deal. Being a stickler for detail so you can be sure that everything is finished to the highest standards.









Have a browse and if you have any questions about the jewellery or art, or if you would like something made to your specification then
feel free to get in touch.